Blue Sky Above Me

Jan 21, 2020

Yesterday was a perfect January day as far as I’m concerned .It was what January has become at its best in my retirement, second career life.On Sunday I received the second round of edits from my editor.This is the sixth book she and I have worked on together and we have a rhythm that is comfortable and pleasant. This ms was fairly easy to edit and I had to add a bit and fill out the ending and there were a few clarifications that needed attending to.So on Monday morning after my regular routine I got to it and was able to finish them up and send them back.We have a cover and everything is right on schedule for a spring release. That is one of the things January has come to mean for me and I could not be more grateful.And yesterday I put on my snowshoes and slogged up the hill through fairly deep, untouched snow. It was challenging for me and for the two old dogs wading ahead of me.Challenging and so worth it. It was glorious!At one point I stopped and looked up at the deep blue sky. I closed my eyes and took in the silence. Trees hung heavy , the snow sculpting amazing creations. I navigated the trails which still have icy spots and places my snowshoes break through into mud holes. But it is the sky that feeds my soul and stays with me once I’ve come back inside. The sky tells me I am just a small part of this vast universe but I am in this place right now and for that I am immensely grateful.Before coming in I walked down and saw two of my precious grandchildren get off the school bus. Their bright faces and eager voices are a gift I get to enjoy as part of my January days. I returned to my desk and put the finishing touches on the edits and hit send. I then went to my pantry and prepared a feast for my brother in law and sister in law from Alberta who are visiting her mother. I invited more family and we sat around our table enjoying each others company. After midnight I climbed the stairs and with sighs of contentment called it a day;a beautiful January day.


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