You Called me a Duck

Jan 26, 2020

As I often do on Sunday mornings I have been reading back to blog entries from other years.When doing that I get such a perspective of the ebb and flow of seasons . I see so many constants and several themes arise. There is often worry and anticipation. I speak of goals and stages of my writing. I often mention a WIP or the work being done to get the next book on to the shelf.I tell about the gifts I receive from walking, snowshoeing or swimming. I rave about the beauty of my wood road and the lessons I learn there. Lessons I relearn it seems as I need to constantly remind myself to let things go and value my present life and blessings. I often say I am a lucky duck which brings me to today’s entry title. Yesterday I met friends for breakfast at one of my favorite places to eat. The Reed’s Point Diner always offers great food, friendly people and a beautiful view of this wonderful place we live . As I was leaving my sister in law Louisa arrived with her four grandchildren. Four year old Fletcher got out of Louisa’s car with a huge grin on his face. I said “Nanny brought you for breakfast. What a lucky duck you are!” ” You called me a duck.” he said.Expanding on that thought I say what lucky ducks we are. Time with family and friends, food to eat, freedom and security , our health and the financial means to buy food and have a vehicle and put gas in our vehicles. Grandchildren to love and spend time with. Memories to be made and treasured.This morning it is pouring rain. I am hearing chunks of snow falling from our steel roof. I am warm and dry. I will write today as my regular writing day tomorrow will be interrupted by a morning appointment. I will not likely get to walk my wood road but revisiting the wonder of it in previous entries will be enough. I face this day knowing what a lucky duck I am.


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