Ice Ice Baby!

Jan 26, 2017

Will the winter of 2017 be the winter of ice? My preference would be snow even the snow of 2015. Just saying that does not jinx anything as my opinion does not determine the weather. Yesterday I ventured down to Chapin and Bri’s new house on my daily walk and as I’ve had to for the last two weeks I had to very carefully choose my footing. I have heard so many stories of people taking bad falls and suffering concussions because of the icy mess we have had for weeks. But I can not stay in. I can only hope for this pattern of rain and ice to end soon. May all those suffering injury heal quickly and completely. So this morning I spent a few minutes looking at pictures of gardens, green grass and flowers. I am also listening to a tribute on the radio to Mary Tyler Moore. Who can turn the world on with a smile? She certainly had an amazing smile and left a lasting legacy of joy and laughter. This is a woman who suffered so on the inside and projected such hope on the outside. What a wonderful example for us all; not to project a false smile but to claim joy amid the struggle, to leave others better for our having been here. Yesterday’s Bell Talk day gave voice to so many stories of exactly that. Do not pretend to have no struggles ,no challenges , no sorrow. We have for too long hidden our difficulties hoping to trick others with our outer smile. Let’s not forget the message of Bell Talk day but let us live each day claiming our own struggles and being sensitive to the struggles of others. Let’s chip away at the ice of silence and allow compassion to grow.


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