Remembering Nadine

Feb 1, 2017

I only got to know Nadine for a short time in the whole scheme of things but every moment we had seems like it was crammed with years of getting to know each other. From the first introduction it was as if we had a strong connection. She allowed me to get to know her very quickly and got to know me as well. She welcomed my son into her home and her heart investing in him right from the start. We became a team watching our kids fall in love with each other. Little did we know that this bond was fleeting but would have to last a lifetime. The force that was Nadine left us physically but has never been far from our day to day since she left us eight years ago.Nadine adored her two daughters. She was present in all they did and her death left a hole of massive proportions. I have watched those two girls facing that huge loss every day the best way they knew how.I have always tried to support that difficult journey and have always been so thankful I was given the time to get to know Nadine and her girls so that I could bring knowing her to what I try to offer to their struggle. Ashlie calls me Mama White and I am honored by that but I never forget for one moment the Mama she is missing every moment. As I remember Nadine today I think of her words describing family; unconditional and committed.As we face another year without her I pledge my unconditional love and commitment to the beautiful girls she left behind.


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