Invited to the ‘Bookquet’

Sep 24, 2018

Last night I was welcomed into Kim’s family room and into a circle of ladies called the Bookquet of Friends book club. They have been gathering as a book club for 17 years so have probably read approximately 170 books. Last night they gathered to discuss Maple Sugar Pie by Susan White. What a thrill for this author. I have in the past seen posts from authors who have had negative experiences when asked to visit a book club. Some have been bombarded with criticism , confrontation and condemnation. So far this has not been my experience when asked to participate in book club discussions. Last night the descriptors I would use would be generous, curious, insightful and supportive. A meaningful discussion of character, plot and personal experiences unfolded in a natural way and I came away richer for it. The room held a plethora of family stories and generational wisdom. I particularly loved the story Anne told of the uncle who when chastised by his wife for not removing his muddy boots before entering their house chose to move down the road to his brother’s house where he could do whatever he pleased. Tell me that shouldn’t find its way into a book some day.So this morning I find myself back at my desk which is one of my favorite places to be. By the way with the feel of the temperature last night and this morning I believe my lake swims are over for another season and I am sorry I didn’t make more of my last swim. As wonderful as it was I did not give the lake the attention it was due . I can only hope for another season to come.So back to work and back to the great privilege of finding the words , sentences, chapters and the story that awaits. Nights like last night fuel that process and make me anxious to get to it. Thank you Kim, Anne, Nancy, Denise, Kelly, Karen , Monica, Jennifer, Gail, Christine, and Andrea.


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