Last Day of January

Jan 31, 2012

It is the last day of January and a beautiful day indeed. It is January cold but the sun seems April hot. I am again sitting (and perhaps avoiding) writing in my writing room thankful for the opportunity. Yesterday I did a school visit at Touchstone School in Rothesay. The kids were amazing and I enjoyed spending time with them. I very quickly remember at such times what it was I loved about teaching but when I leave I remember what it is I love about having the freedom and time to write. I can not express how thrilling it is for me to enter a classroom and see my book on every students desk. Being a teacher who used novels long before and even after it became the in thing to do I believe to the core in the value of literature in teaching for developing a love for reading , writing and for teaching the basic lessons of life .The lessons those kids teach us are every bit as important as anything we try to teach them.Thank you to the teachers and staff of Touchstone for believing that as well.


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