Sunny but Cold January Morning

Jan 22, 2012

It is a very cold but sunny Sunday morning in January. I know it has been and is much colder in other parts of the country but it is cold enough for my liking here on the Walton Lake Road.I like winter, I love my wood heat and my cozy home but it is very work intensive and time consuming to keep that wood burning animal fed and on the weekends my husband is usually here to take that job from me. This weekend he is not so I did not wake to my usual warm house but am now attempting to get it to the desired temperature. But at least as I mentioned the sun is streaming in and as I sit my office this morning I can feel it’s heat on my back. So far January has been a productive month. I am about four chapters in to my latest novel and am enjoying being back in 1917 on an island in the St Lawrence River,getting to know my characters and seeing the story unfold.I am waiting for my editor to send back the second round of Ten Thousand Truths and can’t wait to begin the next stage,choose a cover and see it head to the printer .Hopefully we will launch it in May or June.I sent my third book to my publisher this week for her to read. I have two school visits booked in February. I got the cheque for my November visits this week and I like the feeling of getting paid as an author for doing what I did as a teacher for 29 years.A 4/5 clss at Macdonald Consolidated started reading The Year Mrs. Montague Cried this week and started a blog to record their responses . They invited me to participate and I am enjoying reading their writing.It is hard for me though not to comment on their conventions. “Just write” Mrs. M. says but Mrs. White says check your spelling and punctuation.I will now leave my sunny office and do a bit of necesary housekeeping,(laundry, bathrooms and such) and I then I will return to my office to write for the afternoon,enjoying the cold January day in a place that is exactly where I want to be.


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