Let 2014 Begin!

Jan 5, 2014

We are back home and the calendars have been changed. We have begun 2014.We left on Christmas Eve leaving our cold dark house in my sister in law Mary’s care. We thought as many others did that the power would come back on soon . I left her instructions on how to use the washer and the dishwasher thinking that within hours she could get everything back to normal, turn on the electric heat to free her up from constantly attending the kitchen wood stove and the small furnace fire that was barely keeping our house warm and get back to her own house.The power did not come back on for an entire week. The Christmas of 2013 for most residents on the Kingston Peninsula was one to remember. Lots of generators kicked in as did the good neighbourly acts of a strong and caring community.Our community also felt the loss of four residents that will be missed and their passing also makes Christmas 2013 a memorable one.RIP Bessie, Paul,Mary and Joyce. I also am saddened by the passing of a dear friend Dorothy who was such a support to so many. She fought valiantly to overcome the cancer that invaded her body and sidetracked her life for the last two years. She continually showed such a positive attitude and faced each kick it gave her with bravery and strength. She daily gave an account of her journey and in her postings always gave words of encouragement to others. I will keep her beautiful smile in my minds eye and attempt to keep her spirit and courage forefront in my thoughts as we suffer her loss. So we move ahead into 2014 not knowing what this year will bring. May we all find the true power not in the lines that run into our homes and give us the many luxuries we have come to expect and rely on but in our hearts, our relationships with family , friends and our communities far and wide.


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