Snowy Storm Day

Dec 18, 2013

My daughter AKA blog coach has instructed me to write on my blog today. I had given a fleeting thought to writing a post this morning but thought I should write instead.Of course before beginning to put words to screen I checked my e-mail and there was a message from my daughter with a couple of interesting tidbits and the suggestion that I write on my blog. I have lots of thoughts percolating in my cluttered brain , some not fit to share so I will sift through them and share a few. Firstly, I turned on the radio this morning to see if my daughter-in-law got a storm day. I was hoping that she would get a break from the busy teaching schedule she has maintained all fall. I was happy to hear that schools had been cancelled. Oh how I loved that announcement back in my teaching days.I am trying to get everything in order for our trip to Edmonton on Christmas Eve. I can’t wait to see Emma and Paige and be a part of their Christmas excitement.For now I am soaking in the comfort and beauty of my home. I debated whether or not to decorate and put up a tree. I am so glad I did as the glow of the candles in the windows and the tree lights fill me with such joy. I seemingly absorb the peace and strong memories they evoke and it fortifies me for the days and months ahead. Again I can not even begin to say how very much we have to be thankful for.I am going to leave it at that and get to work.


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