Let’s Sneak in Some Christmas

Nov 26, 2020

 We are coming to the end of November. One month from today will be Boxing Day or Sue’s day as it’s called around here; my birthday. But today as I watch November winding down as I sit here in my office in the quiet, gray morning I look to the day and plan to sneak some Christmas in one room at a time. I told the girls we would start decorating on December 1st. Now this year there will be lots going on on December 1st. Meg, Cody and the girls will move from the lovely little cabin they have been renting all fall and move in here for a month. My wish to have them home this Christmas has come true in big style. I am thrilled about this and hope to enjoy mostly every minute of it. I will attempt to let go of some of my control issues and relax if my house is not completely tidy and clutter free. Memories will be made and it is our intention to make them good ones. Today Emma and I will clean and decorate the den. That will be our first step to getting ready for Christmas 2020. I look forward to sitting this evening in the comforting glow of candlelight, with a rum and eggnog and a grateful heart ready to welcome the season.


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