Home Again , Home Again

Nov 22, 2020

This entry will look at being home  in  two different  ways. Firstly the being home again aspect related to Covid , the orange phase bordering on red and the possibility of complete lockdown again. As I write this I hear my nine year old granddaughter having a discussion on facetime with a friend and the discussion is definitely mainly on the impact of Covid in their present lives. When I walked in the room a few minutes ago she announced she was talking to her friend and that she can’t come here like she did a few weeks ago because of the family bubble situation. They know all the lingo and definitely know the restrictions of life right now. They are afraid and worrying about the next few weeks. They will for now anyway keep going to school and diligently wear their masks and maintain their distance. I will stay home and keep my outside interaction very narrow.

I am thrilled to be home. I see these next few days as a gift of place and purpose. I have writing to do, cleaning and preparation for a family focused Christmas and a beautiful bubble with the people I love . I know part of my family will be outside the bubble and probably I’ll only have distant and outside interaction but I know they will work hard at staying safe and happy within their own tight circle. I am so thankful for the challenges of making this a very different, special Christmas and know I have within the walls of my home everything I truly need. So today I pray for us all. Stay safe, stay kind, stay put and be thankful!


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