Zoom , zoom, zoom

Nov 19, 2020

 I am basking in the afterglow of last night. Launches are always a nerve racking jumble of activity, bustle and preparation. My wonderful community of family, friends and neighbors have for eight previous launches supported and embraced my efforts. I have so many wonderful memories from the first eight launches. Arriving at the Farmer’s market to see an already full parking lot, chocolate chip cookies from Glenda, wonderful introductions, Saint John String Quartet, ice cream sundaes, butter tarts, Oh my God Monkey you look amazing, music played by Robbie and Calvin. So many  treasured  memories. Last night was no exception. In this time of Covid we had an online Zoom event and that itself brought a fair amount of anxiety. I asked my friend and fellow author Gerard Collins to interview me after seeing at Gerard’s launch of The Hush Sisters what a nice addition to a launch  it was when Beth Powning so thoughtfully interviewed him. Gerard was wonderful. He asked thought provoking and deeply intuitive questions and in the first few minutes I felt right at ease and had stopped  seeing my face and flaws staring back at me. Friends, family and neighbors showed up and filled the screen in their little boxes. It was wonderful. My publisher Terrilee Bulger introduced me and offered encouragement and support throughout. Acorn’s Genevieve Loughlin engineered the evening and made things run smoothly. I was thrilled with the chance to read and respond which of course has always been the joy of every launch. My office was the venue but the reach was vast; Vancouver, Saskatchewan, Montreal, Newfoundland, Halifax, Lunenburg, Fredericton, Lower Coverdale , Grand Lake, Campobello Island ,Hampton, just a few of the places from which people arrived. No one had to travel too far from home to show up and make this author feel supported and encouraged to keep doing what she does. Thank you!


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