Looking Back and Ahead at TD Book Week

May 3, 2016

This time last year I was driving the highways of Ontario, participating in TD Canadian Children’s Book Week. It was an amazing experience that I will always treasure. I still talk about the driving challenges and the presentation rewards. It was a wonderful opportunity and I am very thankful to the CCBC for giving me that chance. Next week the 2016 Book Week begins and I will be driving Mary Ann Lippiatt as she comes to our province . I would have liked to have had a driver in a few places last year especially downtown Ottawa and driving around NB seems effortless to me but I am pleased to do it for her. I will also get the privilege of hearing her presentations in St. Andrews, St. George , and Hampton. It will be nice to be an audience member and see the kids responding to her . I hope to have a good feed of seafood in St. George as part of the perks. Good luck to my friend Lisa Dalrymple who will travel to BC and share her infectious energy and delightful picture books. Instead of the rented Yukon I drove through Ontario I will pick Mary Ann up in my old Corolla and we will head out to make memories during the 2016 TD Canadian Children’s Book Week.


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