This Too Will Pass

May 10, 2016

A week since I’ve blogged my blog coach just informed me. I try to avoid writing an entry when I am bogged down with worry and a heavy heart. I am always reminding myself and others that worry doesn’t get us anywhere. I saw a sign when I was in Alberta that said ” Worry is the waste of a good imagination”. I am not imagining any of the things that weigh heavy on my mind today. Good friends of mine are keeping vigil as they sit out the last few days of their mother’s life. This has come to them hours after loosing their older brother unexpectedly. Another good friend and her family are dealing with the aftermath of an accident that left two elderly men dead after being hit by a car while walking across a Fredericton street. My friend has her daughter and two grandchildren arriving today one week after fleeing the nightmare fires in Fort MacMurray. Ashlie got a wisdom tooth out two weeks ago tomorrow and has been caught up in a never ending cycle of pain and swelling. I am carrying some of the other regular worries trying to stuff them down to make room for the current ones. Perhaps that’s why I avoided writing on my blog today but now that I’ve started I may as well see it through. Life is fraught with worry, with sorrow , with pain and suffering. We all know this and we all know too of its blessings . The sun behind the clouds, the beauty in the difficult. I know the Howlett girls will find strength and will come away from this nightmare with stories of love and amazement. Mr. Menzies leaves behind a life well lived and this will overshadow the horror of his passing. Joy and comfort will come to Hailey’s family and the others that have lost and suffered in Fort Mac and the smoke and ash will clear. Ashlie will heal. This too will pass! So for right now I claim the weight I feel in the pit of my stomach and hold those suffering in my thoughts and prayers.


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