A New Day, a New Week

May 16, 2016

Monday morning of a new week and I am able to put last week behind me. It does not of course erase the sorrows and concerns of last week but it offers the promise of the days and opportunities ahead. It offers hope and healing. Last week I watched dear friends struggle through grief and weariness, and this morning I hold them in my thoughts . I hope that a new week will offer rest and renewal, laughter , friends and family support and time to process the days and weeks that have passed. I will take this week to reflect and relish the gifts I receive every day in a place that allows me space, freedom and solitude which allows me to renew my spirit. My writing time is winding down and I will soon commit to gardening and the tasks of summer. I look forward to the weeks when Emma and Paige will be the main focus in this house and we will get to enjoy who they are at seven and four. We absorb a month of being with them to make the months apart bearable. I anticipate my first lake swim which seems awhile away since warm weather has been making very brief appearances. But I see the trees bursting with green buds and I recognize the signs that give me confidence summer will arrive. New life surrounds us. My friend Elaine welcomed a new granddaughter this week. Caleb and Ashlie brought home weanling pigs. We have baby chicks. I will launch another book on June 29th and watch it go out into the world. But today I take a deep breath, I rally and regroup. I take the wonderful gift of going nowhere today.


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