In Memory of Zac

May 19, 2016

I just got back from a morning at MCS. I went from classroom to classroom explaining this year’s fundraiser for the Zachary White Foundation for Tutoring. What a delight it was to spend some time with such eager and generous little to young teen people. Again it reminds me what I loved about teaching and what I love about being retired.Those familiar halls and classrooms bring back such memories of being a student there and then a teacher. This year we are selling tickets and most of the kids seemed quite willing and eager to participate. One little boy in response to being told the seller of the winning ticket will win a prize of $20 quickly replied that if he sells the winning ticket he will give the $20 right back to the foundation.How adorable is that?The baskets are just about complete. There will be a kids’ basket, a mom’s basket and a dad’s basket and the winning ticket holder will receive all three baskets. Many businesses and individuals on the peninsula have donated goods and services and the total value of the baskets is over $300.This fundraiser will provide the ongoing tutoring services that have continued for seventeen years since we established the foundation in memory of our son. As a teacher and a mom and now a grandmother I am proud of this endeavor. All the money raised pays to provide free tutoring to the kids of the peninsula. After my morning I am reminded again just how important and impactful this is. Love you Zac and the memory of who you were still echoes in the halls of Macdonald Consolidated School!


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