Maple Sugar Pie is Launched

May 7, 2017

After signing several books and welcoming many people I made my way to the front row . I sat beside Tammy and Liz and Sydney and Sarah, two excited girls that made me feel like a celebrity for sure. Rose Pitt graciously introduced me. She was warm and witty. Her kind words touched me deeply as did the humorous stories she told. It was the perfect opening and I am so grateful to her, to Gary, Barb and Robbie for bringing what they brought to the night. I read selected passages trying to provide a framework for the story without divulging too much. Lilah and Emma manned the laptop bringing up the three songs accompanying the text. It was perfect. I wanted to freeze the moments and the feeling in the room as ‘I’ll Take you Home Again Kathleen’ and ‘Oh My Papa’ played. The final song ‘Sh Boom Sh Boom’ sealed the wonder of the evening. Burton had dropped hints of a surprise that would accompany that song and I was a bit afraid he might sing. I had hoped some people would get up and dance but that didn’t happen. I am glad the real surprise Burton had up his sleeve didn’t take place. The reading had mentioned the hall being so warm that men had taken off their shirts and woman had kicked off their shoes. Burton’s plan had him and several young men in the crowd removing their shirts. That didn’t happen.Beth closed, acknowledging Gladys on the cover and in the crowd. I was thrilled that Gladys was there. She even said she was able to hear most of it. Robbie and Calvin played another set and I signed more books . Butter tarts provided my Mrs. Dunster’s and tea and coffee donated by Reed’s Point Pub were enjoyed. The book launch fizzled out turning into our 40th anniversary celebration and the celebration of Ashlie’s 26th birthday. The night was wonderful! A huge thank you to all who came out to help us celebrate and to all who helped to make the night happen. It will be hard to top my sixth launch. I am so very blessed!


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