So Much to Crow About

May 7, 2017

I am bursting to tell so much. It has been a busy and wonderful two weeks and I am just sitting down now to process it. I have of course journaled every day recounting in some detail the delightful aspects of each packed day but this is the first opportunity I’ve had to find the time to write a blog entry about any of it. I think I will write two separate entries. So here goes. Launch week: Where do I begin? I will hit the highlights. Monday the books arrived. What at times seemed like the impossible task of getting everything done and having the books be here for my launch day had been pulled off .The amazing Terrilee Bulger had done it. She had orchestrated the editing, designing , proofing and printing and I now held Maple Sugar Pie in my hands. Swimming, dress shopping and enjoying the movie ‘Maudie’ with my friend Kathy made Tuesday a perfect day. A quiet Wednesday allowed me to put everything in order. I planned my Hackmatack visits and firmed up my launch readings. Thursday began with the dentist. I then dropped off the Rav 4 and Ronnie put my summer tires on. Louisa and I went to 82 Moms. The calm before the storm so to speak because unbeknownst to me Burton had arranged the girls to accompany Megan home for the weekend. So my quiet Thursday evening was interrupted by two little girls quietly making their way into the living room to surprise Monkey. They were bursting with the excitement of the surprise! Friday was taken up with errands and a day at Quilt Sisters. Uncle Chapin and Aunt Bri came for supper and a game of dominoes enjoying the company of their two nieces. Saturday morning was the first market day and I stood proudly with my latest book selling 24 copies and talking to lots of people. I came home to quickly try to put the house in order before going to the Legion to set up. Bob Langford used his technical expertise to get all the audio ready for my readings. Joy, Cheryl and Sheldon arrived at the Legion to offer a hand but Bill, Mae and whoever else was there had it all under control. Then we went home to a potluck . It was wonderful. Lots of delicious food, friends and family and lots of kids running around. Livvie, the large brown pig meandered through the adoring crowd. ( except Fletcher who was terrified of her)Mo and Andreas brought their beautiful little family . I got a chance to hold six month old Grace which helped to calm me a bit. I was concerned the calming might make getting geared up for the launch difficult. I wasn’t sure I could get my second wind. I considered going to the lake and jumping in. Paige said she would go with me but she would just watch. Emma took control and said ” Just breathe Monkey” and I went to get ready without the help of a freezing cold dip in the lake.When Burton and I got to the Legion there were already lots of people there. Ken and Linda had picked Mom and Dad up. I had thought that maybe this launch would be too much for them but there they were beaming with pride again despite the venue and possibly the uncomfortable content in my sixth book. Robbie Pitt and Calvin Gilliland began playing guitar and singing and this was definitely the highlight of the night for me. As I signed books and talked to people I wanted so badly to just take in the music they so generously provided. You can see this entry is getting long and perhaps some have stopped reading. So with the echo of Robbie and Calvin’s music in my ears I will close and begin again in my next entry.


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