Mother /Daughter Book Club

Mar 26, 2018

It is a beautiful Monday morning and I awake with a grateful and eager heart. Spring is creeping in one small step at a time but it is arriving. I look forward to stepping out on my back deck and welcoming each day as the weather warms up. We are hoping to do some outside renovations and the chaos and eventual completion of that is exciting to me. This winter saw the collapse of my beloved arbor made for me by a dear friend the year of our 25th anniversary. I will miss its presence but will reclaim the space and decide later how to accommodate the huge kiwi vine that used to wrap around it. Change is the constant that is for sure.Yesterday I hosted a Mother /Daughter book club at the Saint John Central Library. I arrived about five minutes early, set up and waited.I wrote in my journal while waiting, remembering two previous library events , one attended by two girls and one where nobody but my cousin Jan and I showed up. I was hoping for at least something in between two and nobody. Then I heard a voice down stairs asking where the Mother / Daughter book club was meeting.So seconds later Tanya and her daughter Emma walked in the room and we had a book club. We sat for an hour together talking about and reading from The Sewing Basket.Emma , a keen reader was generous and kind. Tanya offered much to the discussion and observed that though a small book The Sewing Basket was packed with lots of relationships. In the re-reading and discussing passages I saw things I wasn’t even aware that were there.I talked about the writing and how characters surfaced and changed and developed as I wrote. I love The Sewing Basket for many reasons,one being that my daughter loves it and it was wonderful to meet two others that love it too. A full room would have been great but the two that came after hearing my CBC interview were more than enough.I gave Emma a copy of The Sewing Basket because she is a reader who likes to keep books she loves close by . I am so happy that my third book has found another home.


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