My Mother’s Voice

Dec 13, 2018

Last night a dream gave me something I have not had for a long time; the sound of my mother’s voice.In my dream I was passed the phone , my parents were calling from Florida and it was Mom I heard on the other line. She spoke without a falter. I said “Mom you are speaking really well, are you on a new medication or is Florida just agreeing with you? I did not want the phone call to end or the dream to get over. My question this morning is why did I not treasure those days more when the daily phone calls would come. It was always Mom who called. Sometimes Dad would get on the line and say a word or two but Mom was the lifeline of news. That was always Mom’s only condition; she would leave for the winter and be away for Christmas only if she could call me every day.Sometimes her calls would be inconvenient, I would feel her disapproval or she would voice a negative opinion but always I felt her love and concern for me and mine. Oh how much I miss that. Dad is in Florida alone this year. Reading in my journal from this time last December I remember how difficult things were for him, caring for Mom and the silence accompanying that . But this year the burden has lifted leaving loneliness in its place.But the memories remain, the sound of her voice still echoes in my ears and I am thankful for the call that came to me as I slept.Call again anytime Mom. Love you!


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