On a Cold Winter’s Day

Jan 11, 2015

We just finished a very cold week. It is January after all but the bitter cold made my wood road walks challenging. Yesterday, however after Friday’s snowfall and rising temperatures my walk was wonderful. I don’t mind winter at all really. I love the contrast, the rest from garden and lawn chores and the enjoyable heat created by our wood burning cookstove and furnace. It is labour intensive and as Burton pointed out yesterday I have been very pampered since he retired last year. He definitely keeps the home fires burning. Today, I will spend my time in my sunny office enjoying another day of writing. Burton has gone to a cribbage tournament so I will have to attend to the fires. I will take another opportunity to walk the snowcovered trails that he broke out with the tractor yesterday morning, so that I can make my way all the way to the top of the hill.I will prepare a Sunday night meal for family. I will take this winter’s day and enjoy it for what it has to offer.


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