On This Day

Oct 14, 2021

 I am a date remembering kind of person. I journal and read back to previous journals regularly. Dates and anniversary dates are very important to me but somehow this year Oct 9th went unnoticed. I know I felt the season, the coming of October and the feelings fall brings. I certainly felt September 26th and gave tribute to my mother on that day , the day of her passing. Both Mom and Dad have been on my mind and in my heart during these autumn days as always but yesterday I realized I didn’t pay specific attention to October 9th. And today as I write this I also remember my dear friend Gladys who left us on this date. The two deaths were so intermingled for me. She knew as she declined that Leverett was passing as well and I wrote his death in her death book shortly after someone entered  hers. She was laid out and her large family milled about in an adjoining room at the funeral parlor as we gathered to receive mourners for Dad.  I have woken in the night several times lately and spoken out loud to both Mom and Dad telling them just how much I miss them. That missing is there every day and is part of the living we do. Today my daughter’s dear friend is feeling the deep pain of knowing the grief that separation will cause when her wonderful mother takes her last breath. Not being by her side makes it even more difficult but in the end that bond will always be just as strong and meaningful as it was from the very beginning. The way of things some say; a parent taking their leave before the child. I know the sorrow of the opposite being the case but also know that however long you have been blessed with your parents saying goodbye is no easier. I  wrote in my journal on October 9th, 2019   And this is the day my father dies  We will all be given that day and those left behind will know that day and remember. It is of course the days that came before that truly matter. It is the all the days , the years , the moments we shared and the love we were given that will sustain us. And on this day I  remind myself  to make the  best of those days.  


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