Monday Moments

Oct 25, 2021

 Mondays get bad reviews. I understand the Monday dread, the weekend went too fast frustration and  all the negative feelings surrounding Monday . I too have had those same thoughts about the day but like everything else our thoughts depend on our perspective. In my retirement , second career days Mondays are a gift I treasure. Mondays are possibility, privilege of time and  opportunity  that I am able to use to craft words, sentences, paragraphs  that eventually become pages of a book. I always feel a strange excitement and trepidation when I am starting a new book. I have characters, scenes and story lines taking shape but it is like trying to herd chickens. I speak from experience when thinking of herding chickens. They do not go where you want them to go. They balk, crouch down in the dirt stupidly and trip you up.  Turkeys are easier to herd. They  will follow you or follow each other , will come when you call and usually stick together and end up where you want them. So in the quiet of my city small space I sit this morning and hope to herd some words turkey style. Since last sitting at my desk characters have formed  and I feel the story taking shape. Books of course do not write themselves. Authors must sit and wait, must show up and take chances, must take the gift of Mondays and use them wisely. And unlike Sunny I do not pick up chickens!


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