A Change is as Good as a Rest

Nov 1, 2021

 I just returned from an invigorating  walk along the city sidewalks. The air was crisp enough for gloves but the sun was still strong and the wind held just  a hint of November. November is here and I feel it. I felt alive, optimistic, happy but yet sad and almost weepy. Weird the mix of emotions I am feeling these days. Actually I think most people are in a turmoil of emotion these days. There is a lot going on around us; pandemic uncertainty being one part of it. In New Brunswick we are now dealing with the upheaval of a CUPE strike. We are inundated with stressors and concerns. My head and heart reel at it all. Personally I am also in upheaval  but it is not all negative . A change is as good as a rest I told myself a few minutes ago. I have been re-charged by this change. I have felt a load lifted and have felt a freedom I haven’t felt for a very long time. I have felt lonely and guilty along with it though but I am working through those feelings. I came upon a house on my walk that stopped me in my tracks. I first noticed the fixed up side and it was amazing. I gazed at the structure, the features and woodwork, the amazing beauty of an old house sitting up above  street level in grandeur . It was surrounded by a very old rock wall in state of crumbling disrepair , the original stonework and effort to build it impressive. The iron gates were also compromised and deteriorating. I walked around to the front of the building and was taken aback by the contrast. The front had not received the restoration the side and back had. It was in a very sad state of disrepair. The front steps and front stone wall were also in very bad shape but the original beauty still showed through. Obviously the owner is working away at a total restoration and little by little the daunting task will get done. A work in progress. A labor of love. Not giving up but believing in it’s already proven worth and value. This house spoke loudly to me and I appreciate the message it was delivering. I would not have received that message if I’d not been exactly where I was and where I am on this first day of November. Change , challenge, risks and restoration along with some rest thrown in. For that I am grateful!



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