Rainy Days and New Books

Nov 10, 2021

Grey November days are a thing. Color has just about disappeared in the landscape of deciduous trees and pumpkins and Halloween decorations are gone. The somber days leading up to Remembrance day come before  Christmas lets loose. We have had a couple of gorgeous sunny, warm days but this day seems more in tune with  grey days of November. The rain and dreary afternoon seems to me a perfect time for a nap and I will indulge myself when I finish this entry. Yesterday was a fulfilling and soul enriching day. I set out to accomplish several things and did just that. One of those tasks found me walking  an unfamiliar route with hilly streets and  buildings that I drive by often but had never walked there. Walking is so different than driving quickly by. In the walking I felt the buildings, the people , the sky and the distant sights. My heart swelled with contentment as I walked. I can not even explain the peace I’m feeling this week and the validation I feel in my current choice of where I need to be and when. My new book was delivered to the farm and Burton called right away when the boxes arrived. I was tempted to drive right over so I could open a box, take a book out and hold it in my hands. Jenna sent me a picture and I waited. Meg brought a copy to work today so I went and got it from her after having lunch with a friend. I held it , looked through it and then laid it with  my other ten  books  for pictures. Then I  put the book in the bookends my friend Karen gave me after my first book was published. Eleven books lined up between the boy and girl reading bookends. I love the look of that! Yesterday I sent off the ms for my spring book to my editor and look forward to the process ahead to get it to a book I hold and add to the  other ones . Jasper’s Road will be the third in the series  following Ten Thousand Truths and Waiting For Still Water. When I read the last sentence yesterday before sending it along I wondered if another in the series would find it’s way to my keyboard. Right now a new novel is in the beginning stage and I hope to write new words tomorrow. But now I nap!


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