The Rain Must Fall

Nov 22, 2021

 Rain, recovery, rest and realization. I am at my desk on this blustery morning , heavy rain falling outside my street level window and feeling so content and blessed to be here for another writing day. City days and country visits are a part of my November /December plans and for now both places put me exactly where I need and want to be. Recovery has been gradual and steady since my June departure and for those who are walking by our side through this my choices need no explanation. The recovery , rest and realization belong to Burton and me and only us but the people who love us know the progress we are making. Those who don’t, don’t matter. On this wet day I think of those suffering in British Columbia. I think of the impact of climate change and the toll the pandemic has taken on our world. Personal loss and struggle exist for us all and each day is a gift we are given. On this day I will sit and write new words to make another book take shape.  I do not take that opportunity lightly just as I do not  take for granted the  privileges’ of heat, a roof over my head , electricity ,food to eat, good health both physical and mental and family and friends who love and support me. I know how blessed I am. The rain will fall and the sun will shine again. Worry and hardship will bombard us but rest and recovery will  bring healing and joy.


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