Rainbows, Peggy’s Cove and Weed Free Corn Rows

Jul 15, 2019

I just returned from my second glorious lake swim of the day. I was determined to get the corn rows finished today and I did. As I pulled weeds and hoed I could hear the background noises of sawing and hammering. I had an occasional visit from my granddaughters who kept themselves busy but checked on Monkey now and again. Emma even brought me out a lovely drink of ice cold water.My trusty bug suit kept the bugs away from my upper body while they feasted on my bare legs.Once in awhile I would gaze at the rows I have not gotten to yet and feel a brief twinge of guilt and anguish over the weeds not yet pulled. I would quickly give myself the Rome was not built in a day talk. I thought of the comparison to writing a book and how it can only be completed one word at a time, one sentence, one chapter, one small idea really.I could easily get myself in a state over what doesn’t get done, the overwhelming-ness of it all but I do know that mindset does not help one little bit.We did not go to Peggy’s Cove but the hammering and sawing was happening as the crew started our siding which is called Peggy’s Cove. It is a lovely dark grey wood siding and the windows are being trimmed out in white. As I drove down the driveway to go for my last swim I did not let myself look. I wanted to wait and have the reveal when I drove back up the driveway. The girls made comments; ” It’s really nice Monkey”, “It makes it look more like a farmhouse”. The driveway side is only about half done but I already know I love it. We had our reservations about covering the cordwood. Meg said” no one will know it’s a cord wood house”. I replied “I will know”. And of course anyone who has been around in the last thirty years will know as well. But it was time for an update, a makeover , a fresh look and I am pleased with our choice.Last night Grampy,the girls, Aunt Louisa ,Anthony and I had a game night. During our first game lightening flashed, there was a loud bang, a clap of thunder and the flicker of lights. This was followed with a downpour. Grampie went to get Cale who was haying. Shortly after the sky cleared a beautiful rainbow stretched across the sky.We rushed to the front veranda to take in its beauty.So this afternoon as I quickly write this entry before heading downstairs to make supper I ponder the title and give thanks for family, for beauty, for goals and achievements for a home and for my lake of course.


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