To Reach For the Sky

Jul 5, 2019

Just a quick entry in the quiet of an already hot day. My two girls sleep peacefully and I will attempt to spend an hour in the garden. To look at the glass half full, my abundance of blessing and to put aside the worry, the sadness, the self criticism is the goal of this beautiful day. Dreams often take me to the dark places to the underlying tensions I try to avoid. Some of these tensions I know I create myself in my own head and expand them to be larger than they really are. To expand the positive and the wonderful is a more enabling activity and this I will do today. How can my heart not swell with the smiles of grandchildren, the hug of my husband the wag of a big black dog’s tail? How can I not be filled with amazement as I dip deep in my beautiful lake and allow the rippling water to cover me? As I look up at the vast sky how can I not fill with hope , with vision and gratitude? To look this morning at the green shoots of sunflowers, of bean plants, of green leaves of the pea plants unfolding, of corn shoots reaching to the sky instead of the weeds,and the thistles attempting to choke out the good. Doubt, failure, insecurity and disappointment can do the choking and it is my choice to not allow it. A dream is just a dream. Morning comes and we have the choice of what we see and what we choose to give our minds and hearts over to.Let the choices I make on this beautiful July day be the better ones.


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