The Lake is Always on the List

Jun 25, 2019

Every month I make a list of goals in my journal. This morning I checked the last couple of things off and the only thing left on June’s list is ‘go out to get the girls.’ Very soon my days will be full of many of the regular things but with two little girls thrown in. This is a privilege we do not take lightly. Each summer we spend with our growing granddaughters adds to the memory bank and repertoire of who we are to them and they to us. How amazing to watch these girls grow with the backdrop of beautiful summer days. Yesterday as I swam alone I envisioned Emma swimming along with me. She will be so excited to hit the water. Paige will too but Emma’s attachment to the lake goes further back and is strong. It was her who jumped in with her grandparents on a Thanksgiving weekend years ago and let out a collective holler before we ceremoniously said goodbye to the lake for another season.They both love Grampie’s announcements of “Let’s go for a late night swim”.I have the garden all planted and look forward to my daily inspections of growth and plan to include the girls in the observations of each row as the plants burst through and take on their shape and size.My writing is done for the summer and will take it’s place in the back of my mind . Ideas will simmer and wait for my return. I did not bring my WIP as far as my June goal set out but I know it will be there when I return.The work and the goals for July and August will replenish my heart and my soul and will prepare me for going back to my keyboard. The hours spent weeding, hoeing and marveling at the miracle of growth will fill me up. Hearing my girls laugh, tell stories, have fights and fits( hope there are not too many) will echo for months to come while we are separated from each other. Not every grandparent gets that gift year after year and we are so thankful. All our sleepovers are wrapped into the six weeks we have them so spending time with them and the activities we plan will take precedence on my goal list. And of course the lake will always be on those lists.Happy Summer everyone!


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