She Loved to Snowshoe

Feb 16, 2021

 Yesterday on my trek to the woods I had the passing thought of a line that could be written someday in my obituary. She loved to Snowshoe. I often stop up in the woods and take in the beauty and the overwhelming feeling of happiness I feel there. Pondering that line I thought ‘What is it I love about snowshoeing?’ My mind began unravelling that . Through the woods to Grandma’s house, the fairy tale element of a winding path taking us somewhere familiar, somewhere amazing,somewhere we are recieved and loved. The winding paths are a source of joy to me. The exploration, the adventure , the challenge. The familiar and the unknown. Yesterday I weaved my way through an already established trail finding my way back through the woods I had a few days ago forged unknowingly. I love both situations. I love heading out on untouched snow but I also love following a path. I will be sorry if today’s weather covers my snowshoe trail but will be willing to head out and make a new one. The snow was perfect the last few days. It was deep enough to cover obstacles and the going was great. I sometimes spend two hours up there and it never quite seems like enough. If I go a day or two without going I feel an emptiness and longing. Sometimes I wake in the night and transport my self back there in my imagination. I thought yesterday of the day when I may not be able to snowshoe or walk up the wood road. I hope that day is far away. Grampie and I make Emma and Paige put on snowshoes and head up the hill. They reluctantly follow and possibly have a little bit of fun. They head back with Grampie knowing Monkey needs more. Monkey needs the woods. It occurs to me to make the comparison to my need to write and can see some parallels. I thought of many on my sojourn yesterday and maybe someday I’ll write them down. Who knows if the girls will ever love snowshoeing the way I do. Perhaps for them it will be something else entirely that fills their souls and brings such joy. For me strapping on my snowshoes and heading into the woods is a gift and I’ll keep doing it until I can’t. Other things will probably be written and remembered about me but hopefully ‘ she loved to Snowshoe’ will be right up there and the people who love me will understand just why.


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