Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Feb 12, 2021

 Who would have thought it? I remember a time I thought figuring out how to set up a Zoom meeting, interview or launch was way too difficult for me and my limited technical abilities. My first real attempt was last year for the NB Book awards and it didn’t come easy. But little by little, through trial and error I found my way . I am still quite excited when it does come together and apart from the intial shock  everytime  I see my face  on the screen I am adapting to it.If this is the norm for now until we can actually meet together, I will continue to do my best with it. Last night I had a lovely interview with Molly from Digitally Lit. Molly is an enthusiastic , confident and personable grade nine student from Newfoundland. She prepared a great interview, sharing her love for the Sewing Basket. I was thrilled to hear her kind and encouraging comments and answer her thoughtful questions. The first couple of minutes were edited out as Disco, my son’s adorable dog who was unhappily put out of my office reacted to someone coming to the back door. Before shutting my office door I told my two  granddaughters they had to come off their Ipads so the WiFi would be stronger. I shut out my life and for a few minutes became just an author answering questions. Molly asked some great questions and for the most part I was able to answer with some clarity. I do tend to ramble and get off track and often forget the original question . But right away we seemed to form a back and forth connection that was genuine. How can an author not love hearing how much a book she wrote meant to a reader ( and her grandmother)? I remember having so much fun at the NB Book awards and really enjoying my Zoom book launch for When the Hill Came Down. I loved the fact  that when it was over I was already in my comfortable , warm  home. I could just go downstairs where I was   welcomed back by my family and my loyal granddog. I am all these things, a wife, a mother, a dog lover, a grandmother , the cheif cook and bottle washer, and an author who is always happy to talk about her work and her process. I am thankful that I get to do it all. 



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