The Rain Must Fall

Feb 3, 2021

 Apparently the rain must fall after the snow which is really annoying. I love a good snowfall. I love snowshoeing in the woods atop a deep cushion of brush, fallen trees and stumps. It is a freedom to explore like no other time of the year. Yesterday the snow fell but was quickly followed by freezing rain and then a driving rain suitable for a different season. So now we navigate the mess it left. Such is life. One thing I am thankful for this morning after is all my people got home safely and we did not loose our power. There is always something to be thankful for no matter what the challenge is. This too is life. The morning after, the calm after the storm, the aftermath and hope for a new day. Hope for the sun to shine. Figuring out where you stand and what your next move is. Adjusting, adapting, making choices and plans to fit with the reality. Lately I have been leaving my shoeshoes in different locations along the wood road. Able to walk on the tractor tracks with some trips off the track I snowshoe somewhere different every day and then hang my snowshoes up in a spot to retrieve them the next day and explore new territory. On Monday I thought breifly that I should probably bring them home knowing a storm was expected for Tuesday. I didn’t and today it may be challenging to get where the snowshoes hang . Burton assures me he will drive the tractor up and break a trail and get them for me. We will figure it out and I may even have to wade through deep and crusty snow  on my next sojourn up the hill into the woods. The rain fell . It is what it is. 



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