Nothing’s Perfect Monkey

Jan 27, 2021

 Wisdom comes in all shapes and sizes and as I’ve alluded to before my granddaughter Paige has a vast amount of it. She has a way of going right to the crutz of a matter and dishing out wise and insightful advice. She is intuitive and doesn’t miss much on the emotional level. She makes me laugh, smile and sometimes brings a tear to my eye. One of her constant lines is ” Nothing’s perfect Monkey”. Now I’m not sure how she arrived at that but of course she is right. Often our struggle with disappointment or feelings of failure are predicated on the notion that we wanted something to be perfect. We wanted the Hallmark movie version, the picture perfect life and the  outcome we imagined. It occured to me that at  sixty four I still haven’t quite got the reality that Paige preaches to me every day. I have been know to quip” I can’t have nice things” and Paige always follows that up with the list of the nice things I have usually starting with her grandfather who she holds in high esteem.A couple of days ago I began a list in my head of all the things I would change if I could.The list soon brought me to tears as the items were completely out of my control. It was a useful exercise though to ground me in reality and to once again remind me that nothing is perfect and no amount of retrospection can change the course life has taken us on.Burton constantly says” What a life we have Mrs. White.” And what a life  we do have despite sorrow, regret, worry and all the rest.  Because after all

nothing’s perfect Monkey. 


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