Hope with Humility

Jan 21, 2021

 A study in contrast, a comparison of values, a night and day difference. I could go on . I am referring to yesterday’ s inauguration in the United States.  I realize the reality of what that country and what the 46th president of the USA faces after the ceremony and celebration is over is not as lovely as the choreographed event was. But the difference in tone and intention is monumental. I remember the hope and beauty of Obama’s inauguration. I have the image of  Barack and Michelle dancing to ” At Last”.  From yesterday I have the image of a black female fire fighter signing for the crowd. I have the image of Lady Gaga delivering a moving rendition of the national anthem, a young black poet succinctly speaking words of light and vision. I saw a capable, caring ,confident  woman become vice president, a loving wife and family flanking a man committed to doing his best and claiming his whole soul was in the task. And then I have the images of the last four years. A leader making fun of a disabled reporter, a leader throwing paper towel at crowds in a suffering country, a leader spouting lies and ridiculous facts, a leader too cowardly to show up and encourage the next president. Where is that man’s soul and how can intelligent, compassionate people look at the contrast and not see it. I have no answers for that. The contrast of angry mobs storming the same venue  where the  calm,  civility of  yesterday’s event took place seems to me to say it all. There is no easy way to govern, no magic solutions to deep and difficult problems but hope and humility in my opinion is a much better place to start. God be with President Biden and the United States of America.


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