Suddenly it is September

Sep 1, 2013

It is the first day of September.I am the keeper of several journals, my summer journal, my writing journal and my regular journal. Every morning I write about the previous day’s events in my journal as part of my morning routine. Today I wrote the last entry in my Summer journal for the summer of 2013. When writing I often take the time to look back and read past entries and today I read most of the entries from this summer .Contrary to what most people say we have had a beautiful summer with lots of sunny hot days. My summer was filled with all the things I set out to do,I swam a lot, I kayaked some, I kept a large and fairly weed free garden, I did some signings ,went to the market and sold books,spent time with friends and family, and went to Meg’s and brought Em home. I enjoyed most every day at a home that is my favorite place to be in all seasons and is as much like the best summer cottage you could imagine except that I can’t walk right out my back door to the lake(but it is only a two minute drive away). Tomorrow I will write in my regular journal under the list of September goals and head into the next season, sorry to see summer go but anxious for the next season’s approach. I will harvest and preserve much of the garden, I will take the last few swims as the days become cooler,take my kayak out a couple more times and I will go to my office Tuesday and get back to work.


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