Suddenly September is Over

Sep 30, 2013

I have not written an entry since the first day of September and here it is the last day. The month has been a bit of a blur, a granddaughter filled blur. I should have counted the times I heard “Monkey !” to give a numerical perspective to the demands of a four year old. She loves it here on the farm and there have certainly been enough special moments to make the demands worthwhile. She loves to run free following Grampie ,her uncles, the dogs and now a gaggle of turkeys roaming freely until they are called up for Christmas dinners. She picked hers out the other night. It was the one that was hollering, a decisive pick in her mind although it seemed to me that was the majority of them as they squawked their way back to the shed.My writing time has been somewhat compromised but I have had enough time to get headed in the direction I want to go to finish telling the story of four generations in my fourth book. Hopefully October will offer up more writing days.Yesterday we said goodbye to September and the lake. Grampie, Emma and I took our last very cold and short lake swim. Our cries of glee could be heard up and down the road as we made ourselves jump in one last time. It was somewhat like what I imagine a polar dip to feel like but I was so glad we did it as a final tribute to the wonderful gift the lake gave to me again this year. Emma waved goodbye and told the lake she would see it next year. Hopefully we will have her and her little sister with us next year and we look forward to it.


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