Summer Reading, Wind Down Writing,Swimming and the Like(and the lake)

Jun 9, 2019

It seems Spring has been hiding, Summer only giving us a brief glimpse and June is upon us. But today I see it looming. I see days ahead filled with summer preparation and planning. The garden has been tilled, seeds purchased and the time for tackling the outside has arrived. Instead of sitting at this keyboard I need to get outside. I will only take a few more writing days and getting my WIP to page 50 seems daunting.Finishing up a writing season to make way for the gifts of Summer.Yesterday I saw a Summer Reading Contest launched by the Chronicle Herald. I was thrilled to see Fear of Drowning in the array of book covers. How wonderful to offer it up for summer reading as this writer winds down and gets ready for the all that summer offers her. At the end of the month I will travel out and get the girls bringing them back to NB for another summer. We will take our road trips, enjoy our relaxing at home days, have our bonfires and late night swims. We will jump in the lake , snuggle and laugh; make memories and have adventures.We will plant the garden, weed and harvest. We will do some summer reading of our own. We will visit Mable Murples and choose books from the bountiful shelves. We will look out through brand new windows at the blossoms and greenery that surround us.We will sit on new verandas and breath the morning air.Sometimes the tasks seem overwhelming, the list too long but every other year the jobs get tackled and we do the best we can. Books do get written one page at a time, one word , one sentence growing and becoming the finished work. Today we will begin and see where the Summer of 2019 takes us. And for each minute, each day and each challenge we will be thankful.


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