Thank-you Grade Four

Jun 9, 2022

 A community circle their teacher calls it and I certainly felt like I was welcomed warmly into the community of Mrs. Johnston’s Grade Four class at Sussex Elementary School this morning. I quickly tried to put their names to memory and before it fades I will go around the circle and name each student. My apologies if I get any spellings wrong , mix any kids up or leave anyone out. Rayah, Cam T, Travis, Owen, Rhys, Brianna, Dakota, Dominick, Yanna, Paige, Tyler, Maddie, Jacob, Jack, Jaden, Levi, Jade, Cam F, Tessa, Alexis, Rayan. Gabby and Ava  were absent but their friends made sure I signed bookmarks for them. The class read The Year Mrs. Montague Cried and invited me in for a visit so they could ask me some questions. Jacob and Travis met me at the office and escorted me upstairs to their classroom. The kids were waiting in their circle and gave me their undivided attention. My teacher mode quickly accompanied my author mode. My first task was to learn their names. Then the questions began. The students had worked on preparing them and the teacher had chosen the best ones. The kids with questions waited their turn to ask them and I did my best to answer. I can be a bit wordy at times but I tried to stay on track. Then I read them one of my favorite journal entries in the book. 

On my way to Sussex I thought of an observation challenge which would earn the observant student a free book of their choosing. I will not say what they had to notice so I can use it again but I was so pleased when Rayan made the observation. She was given the choice of Ten Thousand Truths, The Sewing Basket or a copy of The Year Mrs. Montague Cried. She chose The Year Mrs. Montague Cried. In response to Brianna’s question; so I could enjoy the best of both on June 9th , 2022 in Mrs. Johnston’s Grade Four class. Thank you!


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