Country Ditches and City Sidewalks

Jun 15, 2022

 The lupine; a vibrant flower welcoming summer in its bountiful waving splendor, an invasive plant with a bad rep. This purple or pink blossom is both. The lupine fills the country ditches, gets invited into flower beds and pops up along city sidewalks. Today I look out my ground level window and the purple blossoms speak to me. 

They wave to me beside the concrete column  as if to say, ‘You made it’. I moved in to this city space almost a year ago with the intention to see the four seasons as I worked to refresh and recover. These purple blossoms with their strong stems and green leaves have done the same. They had their blossoms fade and fall, had their green turn brown and become weighed down by frost and snow cover. They poked up in early spring and reached toward the sun. They now flutter in the warm breezes and add color to their surroundings. I will leave this city space and return to the plethora of lupines in the country ditches and will even see some that have survived chickens, pigs and cows in  the garden I once called Zac’s garden because he had built a rail fence behind the newly dug ground in which I planted my first flower garden ( post sheep on the farm) Oh so many days and seasons have passed since that act of hope but hope and vision remain and  that fills my heart with gratitude this morning.  The Lupine, maybe a weed, a nuisance, an unwanted plant but a blur of beauty this morning and a reminder to be the best we can be ,wherever we find ourselves. 


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