The Gift of Another Day

Aug 12, 2018

This morning I reflect on the week that just passed. This week Fredericton became the scene of unimaginable horror. Two brave officers were gunned down and two citizens became victims of an angry and heartless gunman. The unimaginable became real and our vulnerability surfaced again. We rely on the police to come to our aid in so many circumstances. We also rely on human decency and compassion for it is the fragile line that keeps us safe from insanity and violence. Two brave officers stepped up to handle a situation and were slaughtered while doing so. It is the horror and danger of the job. The string of countless days of uneventful,challenging and rewarding shifts that end and see them safely home came violently to an end and has left two families mourning. Two victims lost their lives and leave behind loved ones. Ten children were robbed of a parent. Fredericton’s peace and security was stolen and shaken to the core. So many people were affected and four people lost their lives and the gift of another day was taken from them with the bullets shot from a gun. Whatever the motive or mindset of the shooter his action violently took something from us all. We are all aware that life is fragile, that accidents and illness can take those we love and we all know how precious the gift of another day is. But when that gift is violently taken it leaves us in shock and disbelief and anger that one human being can cause such loss and misery. Let us pray for each other, carry each other and attempt to uphold the caring and compassion of a decent society.And may each one of us be truly thankful for the gift of another day.


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