And Now It’s August

Aug 3, 2018

It is a quiet Friday morning. Paige had a sleepover at her great Aunt Louisa’s and Em is still asleep. My head is somewhat swirling with thoughts and a bit foggy. The heat and humidity faces us again today and trips to the lake ,one very shortly and possibly alone, are in order. August is a month I embrace and these next few days I will prepare for the girl’s departure while looking ahead to several social commitments and ultimately getting back to work at the end of the month. I am finding myself more frequently thinking of the book I plan to start when I return to my desk. I am looking ahead to my Italy trip in October and pondering the work I will approach there.My mother’s future is on my mind.I need to take a deep breath and go from where I am right at this moment. No giving up, no giving in to doubts, fears and insecurities. Soldier on Burton always says. I see the possibilities but will take these last few days of summer with our girls as reason enough to just relax and enjoy.Our garden has not done well this year. Late planting and extremely dry weather was not a good mix . Except for my kitchen garden I have given up on it and whatever small harvest comes will be a bonus. In some ways this has been freeing. I am thankful our winter’s food does not depend on the rows of vegetables we planted or it would be a very hard winter. I am so thankful for so much and it is from that mindset I look to this day and this month and all that stretches ahead. But first a dip in the lake.


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