Why PEI ?

Jul 24, 2018

We just came home from another great family trip to PEI. Last night with family we re-visited memories of previous trips trying to build a timeline and fill in details of the history of these trips. Sunday night we met and chatted with a neighboring camper who was herself from PEI and was there with her husband’s family She asked the question “Why PEI?”Interesting question and it got me thinking. We could of course gather everyone together at one of our houses, bring food, play games, swim somewhere, stay up late , let the kids run and play, and spend time together. But we wouldn’t. A vacation however forces you to do all those things and most of all make memories. So why PEI? Both Burton and I have childhood memories of vacations in PEI. I always point out(as Paige reminded me) the cabins we stayed in and the memory of my cousin Janet ,my brother Ken and I getting our picture taken on the small veranda in front. Burton recalls he and his siblings finding stray kittens on a beach and bringing the wild beasts home in the car with five little kids. Last night we pooled our memories and came up with years, locations and lists of those in attendance and when I got home I combed my summer journals for clarification of dates and details.The cabins we just returned from have been our choice for the last ten years with a couple of missing years for various reasons none of us were sure of. What we were sure of was the value and importance of the years we managed to pull a crew together and go to PEI.A priceless investment actually and the tourism and draw of Cavendish just a backdrop to the family time we spent watching our own children grow, our grandchildren bonding and our nieces ,nephews and great nieces and nephews interacting. Treasures like Ronnie on the roller coaster, new babies being passed around, young married couples joining the adult ranks, new family being warmly embraced,lobsters cooking,bets resulting in grown men wearing their nephew’s girlfriend’s hair extensions, kids growing tall enough to go on every ride by themselves,washer toss victories ,young children growing in leaps and bounds going from saying PDI to PEI and so much more.The memories of past trips and recent stories to tell gives us the anticipation of the trips we hope for in our future.And we are more than happy to travel to PEI to make that happen.


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