The Morning After , Thirty Six Years Ago

Apr 9, 2018

My baby girl turned thirty six yesterday.Meg was my second born. Her brother Zac was a delightful three year old who was waiting for a brother or sister. We were living in a small shed-like building we’d built on our property dreaming of building the big house some day.Stories of those ‘pioneer days’ are the stories we still tell. When Zac was given the job of telling his Grammie we were getting a new baby her response was” Don’t be so ridiculous”.It was ridiculous to some that we believed we could have two kids in a ten by ten shed with a sleeping loft. I had designed a macrame crib that I began constructing to hang over Zac’s bed in the corner. Probably not CSA approved and the reality of this plan hit me when Meg was about three weeks old. I hit the road with my friend Marilyn looking for a trailer to buy accepting the shed life was going to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. We bought a trailer and moved it onto our property living in it for five years as we built the big house.But my thoughts are on the morning after. The night before when we’d dropped Zac off at Mom and Dad’s and started in to the hospital in a snowstorm. Burton got Dad’s tractor out of the garage and towed our truck to the top of the driveway. Crazy! Then we began our trip in to Saint John not giving me a whole lot of time before the delivery of a 9 lb 4oz beautiful baby girl. Megan Joy.And what a joy she has been. Her dad loves to hear the phone ring and then hear me laugh knowing it’s our girl I’m talking to. Oh how quickly thirty six years goes by.So many stories , so many memories , blessings , challenges, joys and sorrows. Happy Birthday beautiful girl!


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