Things Are Going Swimmingly

Mar 10, 2021

 I pondered the title for today’s blog entry. I wanted it to have something to do with swimming. I considered Swimming Against the Tide. I really had no desire to blog but as often happens my daughter(aka blog coach)asked for one.The use of aka reminds me of my granddaughter Paige’s repeat of one of her 3 positives at every suppertime. She has a couple she repeats and one of them is ” I’m sitting beside my wonderful Grampie(aka the keeper of fun )”. So perhaps this entry will just be a rambling of sorts. I will begin with swimming. What does going swimmingly even mean? Good question.I love to swim and today my friend Kathy and I went back to the pool. We haven’t done our Wednesday thing since November 12th. It felt great to swim again and makes me anxious for the lake. I do not want to rush the seasons though. For now I will walk and snowshoe and enjoy my woods. I am also busy with the first round of edits for The Wright Retreat. I am about half done and really shouldn’t linger long on this entry. I love the editing process and am looking forward to re-working the ending which Penelope felt wasn’t working. What a gift to have such a caring and intuitive editor  who pushes me to do better. My edits are going swimmingly. Life for the most part on this beautiful March day is going swimmingly. I am thankful and anxious to get back to the ten writers who have gathered at the Wright Retreat. And there is swimming; even skinny dipping ,so all is good.


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