Weekends , Time Change and Winning

Mar 15, 2021

We are a game playing family. It isn’t many meals we have that we don’t clear the table afterwards and ask which game we’re playing. Sunday suppers continue but  have changed over the years and with Covid are reduced to our smaller family bubble. Meg, Cody and the girls have been with us since August , Jenna is now a part of our family circle and Alice joins us every week. On this another Monday morning I find myself reflecting , rallying and regrouping or at least trying to. I woke with today’s title in my head. I had a busy night of dreaming that seemed to have me frantically trying to put someone’s house in order. Cleaning , purging, rearranging a house that at one point seemd to be my mother in laws and another seemed to be Megan’s and then mine.My house in order. Jenna laughed at me Friday as I paniced about the dirt and dog hair I could see billowing on the floor in the late afternoon sun. Taking up my broom as if it were a lifeline,  something  to hang on to to save my life, I swept and took back a smidge of control. Oh boy a therapist could have a field day with me.I have mentioned before how I say ” Ok Everyone” out of the blue and my family makes great fun of that. But in writing those words my eyes well up and I don’t find it quite as funny. Ok we are Ok, everyone is OK. I looked after the girls all weekend , I prepared and served a Sunday supper, I turned the clocks whichever way they needed to go, except for the one in the kitchen that seems to have a mind of it’s own even with a new battery.And I won a couple of games this weekend. Funny how lately I have put the winners in my journal as if it matters at all or will matter in years to come who won Wizard on March 14th,2021.As if my journals will matter in years to come. What matters right now is that we fight the good fight. We use our Mondays to gird our strength  for our Sundays. We play our games and have our time together. We accept change and challenge and play the hand we’re dealt. We win and lose with grace and humor. 


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