This Time Last Year

Feb 4, 2016

I’ve warned you about my compulsion to look back. Couldn’t help but reflect as I was walking up from getting Nellie this morning about this time last year. I re-read the first few days of February 2015 in my journal as I ate my breakfast. I didn’t need to check to remember the huge amount of snow we had by this time last year. Three days in a row we got heavy snowfalls adding to the amount that had fallen on Jan 27th. Not this year. Yesterday we started with snow and it turned to rain and this morning there are just a few patches of snow left, some ice and lots of mud. It is 8 degrees. We had very cold temperatures for a long stretch of January and February last year. Enough of the weather comparisons. Last year I had just received the cover and the interior for The Memory Chair. I was busy making wedding preparations. I had started a new book. I am now waiting to get the interior back for that book so that I can proof read it. I have already seen the cover. I began a new book two weeks ago and maybe if I am lucky it will be the one I am waiting to proofread this time next year. I have two other manuscripts at publishers right now and every day I think positive thoughts hoping to see them come to be books I hold in my hand and add to my bookends in the living room. I have a dream of someday seeing a hard covered book with my name on the cover.I will continue to dream about many things and carry those dreams in my heart. The days and months will unfold and before we know it we will be looking back to this time in 2016.


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