When the Tree Comes Down

Jan 3, 2022

 I hadn’t planned on blogging today and perhaps it is a distraction or maybe even a way of facing a  down day. Maybe I should write about  ‘when the tree goes up’ first. Maybe my introspection has nothing to do with the actual tree but more a look at celebrating and embracing the season. I love putting the tree up however the division of labor occurs. I love rediscovering each ornament. I care about untangling the length of long ago strung popcorn and cranberries. The tree was up for almost a month and I didn’t get my fill of it. Each time I turned the lights on and  took a few minutes to really look at some of the treasured ornaments I appreciated another season, another year passing and all the memories. We made new ones this year and for those I am thankful. There is a sigh of relief when we put Christmas behind us and look to the new year. For a long time I dreaded New Years day and over the years tried to come up with a way to make the day bearable, or at least separate and enjoyable in its own right. Christmas day gets such hype even if it doesn’t always live up to it. Not sure I want to explore that but let’s look at taking the tree down. I did that yesterday. It was on my list and I followed through without much ceremony. Jenna helped  me get the lights off and wrestle it out the front door. I cleaned up and put the living room back to rights. I carried the boxes upstairs to be put away for another year. Little by little all traces of Christmas will disappear. Lights will come down. Displays will be put away, decorations boxed up . This comes with some sadness but hope as well. We hope for so many things one of which is the hope the season will come for us again next year and we will put up another Christmas tree.


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