No Time to Blog

Jan 13, 2022

No time to blog but yet here I am. I have edits to get to and I do love that stage. I get to have a close look at my own work through someone else’s eyes. I love working with my editor and have worked with her on seven books before this one. I trust her and value her input. I remember the editing process being quite daunting when I worked on The Year Mrs. Montague Cried which was my first published book. It was difficult at first to not take every observation or criticism personally. I know  now that it is a good editor that brings a book to life and makes the writing stand strong and ready for the reader. Actively participating in the editing makes me a better writer the next time and even though I am anxious to get back to my WIP I am happy to be giving my best efforts to Jasper’s Road  right now. Life gives us daily lessons and some of those lessons take awhile to learn. On this winter day I am thankful for the lessons and the people in our lives that teach us , that shape us and make us better. Editing , revising to do better is the gift we have as long as our hearts beat and we draw breath. How wonderful is that!


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