Winter Worry

Jan 20, 2022

 Remember winter when it was fun. I love to snowshoe. I love watching the snow fall while sitting inside a warm house. I love watching my grandkids building snowmen ,sliding down hills or being forced to snowshoe. I love a winter  cook-out in the woods. I always loved the thrill of waking up to a snow day as a student, then as a teacher and a mother. I love the look of a winter landscape. What I really hate about winter is the worry. It seems when I was younger driving in the snow was not the stressor it is now. Burton was always undaunted by winter driving and would venture out in anything. I had my share of trudging though snow when the car was stuck at the end of the driveway. I remember being seven months pregnant wading through waste deep snow to reach the top of our driveway, then dragging a bale of hay over to our flock of sheep before getting inside out of the storm. Winter used to not frighten me. But these days a flake of snow is enough to keep me home and freezing rain a definite plan changer. And the ice that covers everything after snow turns to rain, is a nightmare. So these days winter makes me worry. I stay home myself and then proceed to worry about any of my people who are out and about. I start the inventory and wait for each to check in and tell me they’ve arrived safely. I know my worry changes nothing. I know that but it doesn’t  keep me from doing it. I also know that my people must drive in the winter. They must go to work and do not have the luxury of staying home whenever winter weather occurs. But still I say ‘text me when you get there’. One day , one winter storm at a time. Each safe trip a blessing and a step closer to spring. 



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