Who I Was There

Dec 19, 2015

A few nights ago Burton and I drove by my old school. The original part was built in 1904 and the new part added in 1979. It was lit up and stood there in the Kingston square in all its grandeur. I remarked that it made me sad that I wasn’t who I used to be there. Burton in his wisdom replied,”You are still who you were there. Nothing has changed that.” Yesterday on my wood road walk I ruminated on that thought. For the most part I think what he said is true. Just because I don’t enter that building everyday and continue to teach there doesn’t take away the years that I did. I was the teacher I was. I influenced the kids I did. I made the mistakes I made and had the accomplishments I had. I was Mrs. White in that place from 1986- 2009.Sometimes legacies are altered. Sometimes when a person becomes famous or renowned for something their past is embellished. Every detail of their earlier years are magnified and plaques are put up stating that they lived there or slept there etc. Sometimes something is uncovered that taints a person’s past (Bill Cosby) and how they were once regarded takes a down ward spiral. Sometimes a person’s present behaviour or society’s present outlook changes a persons’ status and buildings or places are renamed because of the negative opinions. (Trump Tower)Sometimes a person’s reputation stays in tact and they are just known by who they were and what they did in the time they were given to do it. That is where I hope I fall. I was given the privilege to teach over 800 kids. I raised my four kids and I was an active part of my community. I was what I was. Those days can not be revisited except in my memory or in the memories of others. I hope nothing changes that. I don’t expect fame and fortune will alter it. I don’t expect to run for the republican party . I just hope to enjoy what life offers me right now and sometimes take the time to reflect on what it gave me in the past.


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